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Huna Wisdom  [ x ]
HUNA and the seven Principles of Hawaiian Shamanism

The literal translation of Huna is “hidden knowledge”. It consists of seven principles, which will be explained shortly. Huna is the ancient shamans  (Kahuna) philosophy and knowledge that was practiced and taught in the temples. Huna is a philosophy of life, not a religion. The overall attitude is that as human beings, we are always supposed to be helpful and never hurt anybody.

Huna understands the human being as a harmonious trinity:

  1. The lower self is the subconscious.
  2. The medium self is the rational and conciousness.
  3. The higher self is within and above the human being and can be understood as an inner god, inner strength or power.

1. IKE

The world is as you see it.
The world is what you think it is.
The world matches your thoughts.

We experience the world and reality around us according to our attitude towards life. If you have a positive attitude towards life you see things in life correspondingly. If you have a negative approach to life and if bad thoughts dominate you, it will have an impact on your life and you will think that nobody and nothing means well.


There are no boundaries.

For a shaman there are no boundaries. Earth, sky, mountains, animals, plants or human beings are all interconnected. Everything in the universe is connected, and everything has an impact of some sort on something else. This is a way to understand the principle of cause and effect. Or you could say, that everything happens for a reason and everything is just the way it is supposed to be. If all everything is in a state of natural balance, everything is flowing and interconnected, then there are no boundaries. The human being generates limits and boundaries. This applies especially to mental limitations. Ideas, attitudes and special convictions (e.g. questions of beliefs) can force a person into a certain mental paradigm and confine him or her mentally.


Energy flows where the attention goes.
Wherever you direct your attention, energy will follow.
Energy starts flowing as you let go of the tension.

If you are hell bent on achieving something or making something happen without taking your time to wait for it to develop, it is unlikely to happen, because your attention is not focused on the confidence that it will happen. Instead, all the attention is focused on the question why things aren't going the way you want them to. This leads to a form of mental tension, which can be in the way of the fulfillment of our wishes and expectations.


The moment of power and strength is now.

If you want to change something in life, now is the time to do it. Yesterday, you didn't change it and tomorrow is still out of reach. You have to take action in the present. You can influence things now. It is not about who you were or what happened. It is crucial to recognize what you want for the future now. It is important to discover that the power of change is rooted in the present. Every day is a good day to plant new seeds. From then on, new plants can grow.


To love means, being happy with something or somebody.

The feeling of love is an expression of your own satisfaction. If you are happy and content with yourself, you can give love and you will be loved back. If you have a critical approach to life or if you are dissatisfied, the feeling will not be answered in the same way. It is even possible that people might turn away from you. And you won't be ready to give love to the same extent/ in the same way/ degree.


All power comes from within.

There is a creativeness, a divine energy within us that is the source of our own life energy. Mana is the power that comes from our own “source of life”, which transforms us into who we are. The freer this energy can flow from us, the more active we can be.


Effectiveness is the measurement of truth.

There is more than one way or one truth that can facilitate growth in our lives. There is not only one right or the other wrong way to achieve something in life. We always have to consider different paths in our life's journey and see that there are numerous ways to live a happy and fulfilled life. You have to choose one path, but if you become aware that you re on the wrong track, or that way you chose doesn't suit you anymore, you have to continue your life's journey on a new path.