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Don't you agree that massage can be so much more than a little relaxation after a busy day?

Immerge into this training seminar to discover the mystery of Lomi Lomi massage!

Lomi Lomi is a traditional Hawaiian massage. According to Hawaiian belief, a person is healthy if body, spirit and soul are in harmony. Lomi Lomi can facilitate this balance. For the practitioner it is elating and a challenge to be able to help in this process and to give healing love by selfless touches.

During this wonderful, sensual full body massage a the parctioner uses a lot of oile while his or her hands and lower arms glide over the recipient's body. Long strokes with varying degrees of pressure create a calm, physical harmony. Thus, the recipient can relax and feel his or her own body's needs. The practioner's body resonates energetically.

Originally, Lomi Lomi is a Hawaiian temple massage and the spiritual aspect still goes deep today. The idea is to bid something old farewell and to let go in order to open up for a new period in life. Thus, the transformative, healing power of Lomi Lomi will stay with the recipient long after the massage ritual is over.

The training seminar is aimed at conveying well-grounded knowledge of all aspects concerning Lomi Lomi. The massage technique is an essential part of this and will be experienced through “body-learning” in the role of the recipient as well as the role of the practitioner.

Furthermore, understanding the ritual and spiritual background of Lomi Lomi and the practitioner's spiritual attitude are pivotal. You learn how you create a room for spirituality and accompany people in bodywork.

In addition to traditional Hawaiian knowledge, modern findings from the field of awareness-oriented bodywork are part of the training seminar. Thus, this training seminar straddles the chism between the ancient knowledge of Lomi Lomi massage and the achievements of modern and contemporary bodywork.

Thus, we help our students to develop their own massage style. Similar to all other forms of massage there is no “one and only” Lomi Lomi massage. Every person generates his or her own way of massaging and in every massage there is a new form of connection between practitioner and recipient.

Moreover, breathing and movement are crucial for a successful massage. Therefore, in this training seminar you will learn a breathing technique that will help to take in the energy of life and use the Lomi Lomi massage to pass this on to the person on the receiving end. You will also learn the frigate bird step. This is a step that is almost like dancing, which can be done during the massage.

Knowledge concerning the philosophical and historical background of Lomi Lomi completes the training's educational content.


Course Structure
● Module 1 – Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage (basic training, 2 days)

The basic training teaches typical Hawaiian massage techniques and different techniques of stretching and mobilization. Furthermore, we will shed light on the philosophical and historical background of Lomi Lomi.

This course aims at conveying an understanding of the ritual and spiritual background of this Hawaiian Massage and the participants  ability to do a full body massage, including joint mobilization.

● Module 2 – Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage (advanced Training, 2 days)

In the advanced training seminar, the practitioner's spiritual attitude, opening space for spirituality and accompanying a person with bodywork will be important issues.

Additionally, participants will repeat typical Lomi Lomi massage-techniques and more complex joint mobilization and passive stretchings will be added.

Learning the piko piko breathing technique, the frigate bird step and the application of hot lava stones will also be part of this course.

● Module 3 – Lomi Bodywork level 3 (seminar, 3 days)

This further training will teach techniques that enable participants to work with this wonderful form of massage on a professional level. It is also interesting for anyone, who wants to deepen his or her knowledge of Lomi Lomi on a personal level.

This seminar deals first and foremost with techniques for advanced practitioners, for example massage in a lateral position, turning from abdominal position to supine or lateral position, posture and presence, in order to be able not only to give a massage, but to open spaces where a person can feel touched in his or her entire being.

● «Aloha Touch» Massage Exchange Group (3 x 1 day)

This meeting, which takes place on a regular basis, is for passionate Lomi Lomi practitioners that want to deepen their knowledge and practice of this wonderful massage technique and to exchange giving and receiving. The sessions will leave enough room for input and feedback.

Practice massages

Practical exercises are also pivotal for this training seminar. Participants are required to write and hand in protocols (approximately 300 words) of these practices. Mandatory massages are:

Recommended Reading and DVD


The exam consists of a theoretical and a practical part. After successfully passing the exam you will get your diploma. Exam fee: CHF 250,–



Course Fee

CHF 1900,– (excl. exam fee)

Info & Registration

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