Lomi Lomi – Hawaiian Bodywork

Indulge in this relaxing journey and treat yourself to this very special experience!

• Lomi Lomi massage2 hrs.240,–
• Lomi Lomi four-handed2 hrs.430,–
• Lomi Lomi massage for couplesper couple440,–
• Subscription for 3 Lomi Lomi massages 680,–
  (You can pay your subscription in advance or first session.)

Treat your loved ones to a pleasant and beneficial massage! You can purchase gift vouchers for Lomi Lomi massages (CHF 240,–) and Lomi Lomi four-handed massages (CHF 430,–) here.

Treatment Method

The Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage is a full body massage, which is based on ancient Hawaiian knowledge and wisdom. Embedded in a wonderful Hawaiian ritual, you will experience soft touches, deep relaxation and loving care.

According to the healing masters (Kahuna) of Hawaii, a human being is healthy if his or her engery can flow freely and thus physical harmony is a given. If there are blockades, a lack of this balance can result in illness.

This deeply relaxing massage brings the body back into its natural state of balance and leads to an increase in physical stability.

In my work, I combine stroking massage techniques with joint mobilization and passive stretching.

This combination results in deep easing of the tension, relaxation of muscular tissue and more flexibility of the entire body.

I use fragrant, warm oils to sensually apply varying degrees of pressure while I let my hands and lower arms glide over your body. Long strokes create a calm harmony and, like in a dance, my body resonates with this energetically.

Originally a temple massage, the spiritual aspect still goes deep today. It is all about letting go of old things and opening up to a new chapter in life.

For the recipient, Lomi Lomi means a deep form of relaxation and letting go, feeling the weightlessness of your own being, of inner calm and freedom. Your body gets moved and touched sensually. As a result, you get the feeling of flying freely and calmly, just the way the frigate bird in Hawaii does.